Pocke-Sized Revolution = Secrid

A better world starts in your pocket. It was 2009 in Netherlands when SECRID has developed a revolutionary different product and introduced it to the market.

SECRID has breathed new life into old crafts. They came up with a new sort of wallet. One that is patented with click systems, protects from unwelcome wireless communication reading while it remains stylish and slim.

The aluminium Cardprotector , which is the heart of every SECRID wallet and their most minimalist wallet by itself. With a patented sliding system, which can hold up to 6 cards, everything is available to you with one simple sliding motion. Additionally, the core keeps your cards from bending and breaking.

Every SECRID wallet can be customized to your style with multiple color combinations of different materials. From real leather, ornamented, metalic to a matte finish. This wallet fits everybody.

With a leather cover, you can keep additional cards, receipts or cash with you at any time.

At SECRID they combine old expertise with modern techniques and are inspired to stay at the forefront of innovation. Every wallet is unique and thoughtfully made.

You can find a selection of different styles here: .The SECRID wallet simply makes a great present for either him, her or even yourself!